Thursday, 19 December 2019


It's my favorite time of the year!

I absolutely love the holidays, and I'm so excited to share some Christmas decor in our home.

There's nothing better than the glow of the Christmas tree in the evenings. And nursing and rocking a newborn to sleep by your Christmas tree is so sweet.

One of my favorite traditions we have is our tree decorating day. Josh usually pulls out the tree and sets it up in advance. Then the day of, all we need to do is gather the decorations and then decorate it. It saves us so much time and hassle doing it this way. The kids get to snack on candy canes and hot chocolate while we do it. And then we have our mac n cheese dinner with rice krispy squares for dessert. Then we all watch a Christmas movie together. The kids have been really enjoying this, and I love that we get to build these traditions with them.

We have a white Christmas tree which I absolutely love, but also find difficult to decorate sometimes. This year we used gold, silver and pops of pink throughout the tree. I love that it adds a sweet feminine touch - the pink details do add some whimsical fun.

The mantle is my favorite place in our home to decorate year round. And Christmas is no exception.

The stockings hanging on the mantle are held by 3M hooks which work so well. I actually leave them up yearound, and you can barely tell they are there. I love hanging them off center, and adding a few embellishments. This year I add a tassel and ornament to each stocking and I think it makes them look so much more interesting and full. The three pink polka dot ones are for the girls, the two white and black ones are the boys, and I have the knit one.

I love decorating the girls room as well. We don't add too much, but I love including two pink trees (that they decorate themselves)  and a festive garland.

Although our space isn't that big, I love making it cozy for our family during the holidays. The simplest touches make a big difference!

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