Wednesday 18 September 2019


Our sweet baby is almost here and everyone can't wait! I'm starting to nest like crazy and have been working on getting different parts of the house ready for her arrival.

We decided to do some small renovations in our basement which is where the baby's room is. We're hoping to extend the room slightly and re-do the kids shared bathroom. With 4 little ones sharing...we really needed to make the space more accessible and friendly for them. Although it's not going to be a huge job, it will likely take a month or so to get it all completed.

We thought it was really important to have a space for baby that was functional in those early newborn months. Somewhere I could easily be close to her and have the essentials nearby. We decided that we would try putting her nursery into our master bedroom. Although our room is spacious, it's not huge. But we found a few little spaces that we could use temporarily while we get her actual nursery in order. I didn't want to change too much in our room, so most of the things are items we will put in her room eventually.

I'm so excited to share our sweet shared space!

I've been wanting a moses basket for so long now, and my sweet friend gifted me one. I love the way they look and can't wait to put baby in it!

My favorite way to corral odds and ends is in a basket of some sort. (I love them and my husband thinks I have a serious problem!) They keep a space looking tidy and keep all the things contained.

And...since she's an October baby...I had to add a few touches of fall and Halloween into the room too. The kids know that the baby is due right around Halloween, so this got the girls so excited!

Hope this little space inspires you if you're looking to keep a newborn in your master bedroom for the first few months too!

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