Wednesday 13 May 2020


Shell painting is such a fun and easy afternoon craft. I love it because it's so easy and it will always end up looking nice! It's a great alternative to painting rocks if you need something different!

We have so many shells left over from Ellie's Mermaid Party last year. I've been saving them and I finally decided that we should paint them. 

This is a super easy and fun project. We got our shells from a variety of places - dollar store, Michaels and Amazon. And if you're shell collectors from beach visits, this is a perfect thing to do with the ones you've been collecting.


Paint Brushes


Step 1. Wash your shells in soapy water to make sure they are clean and ready to use.

Step 2. Get ready to paint them the shells!

I choose fun bright pastels, and loved how they turned out. We used pinks, peaches, yellow and mint. Mix and match...and don't forget you can always make your own colours using white to make softer shades.

After we were done, I put them in a clear glass container and let the girls put it in their room. It's so pretty and is making me so excited for summer!

Monday 4 May 2020


I'ts May, and that means Mother's Day is coming up!

I love all sort of handmade goodies from my kids and love that they poured their heart into making them. But this year, obviously there are no cute handmade gifts from school.

I was brainstorming ideas for Mother's Day and came up with handmade mugs.  I love the idea of sweet homemade mugs that mamas could use everyday. I mean, what mom isn't drinking their tea of coffee every morning and heating it back up multiple times a day? That's real life friends!

These hand painted mugs are such a fun idea and my girls loved making them for their grandmas (and for me as well. No surprises for this mama this year!) This took an afternoon to paint, and then another afternoon to bake.

Here's what you need!


MUGS (cheap ones from the dollar store or amazon work great!)

MULTI SURFACE ACRYLIC PAINT (they must be multi surface...check what the bottle says to make sure you can pain on ceramic or glass and that you can bake it to cure it. I made sure ours were dishwasher safe paint as well. My favorite brand was Folk Art)

MULTI SURFACE GLITTER ACRYLIC PAINT (We used Martha Stewart brand. Again, make sure you can bake it to cure it!)




Step 1. Wash your mugs really well and dry them completely. You want a really clean surface so paint can stick to it well.

Step 2. Flip them upside down and start painting them! We did a variety, but I think the best ones are painted halfway. You can do this with painters tape, and then peel it off afterwards. I love pastels best, but you can use any colour paint you like! This is where your kids can get really creative. It was so fun watching them! One tip - don't use any water. I allowed one paint brush for each colour and the girls shared them. You want all the paint on your mug, and no water to dilute it.

Step 3. Add your glitter paint! We dabbed it on gently to give it a natural look.

Step 4. Let dry overnight until it doesnt feel tacky at all. Then follow your instructions on your paint jar. What we did for ours: place in cool overn, heat to 350 F, and bake for 30 min. Let cool in oven and then remove.


Step 5. We haven't done this step yet (still waiting for our mod podge to arrive!) but we will coat it with mod podge and let try. Just make sure you get the dishwasher safe mod podge!

That's it! Then gift it to your favorite mama...or anyone really! We added simple twine and made some gift tags with letter stamps. These would make lovely teachers gifts, birthday gifts or favors. And even adding something to it like a pretty succulent or treats would be such a fun addition.

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