Wednesday 27 January 2021


This past Christmas my girls got their own small dollhouses to decorate and play with. We have a much larger one that they play with, but they really wanted their own to decorate and make their own. 

My in-laws gifted them their own houses from Ikea and they have loved them so much. They're a little older now (5 and 7) and are more interested in decorating them and styling them the way their each want to. I'm trying to encourage them while letting them create their own homes they love. 

acrylic heart tag heirloom theory & long live girl hood print june & joy

It's been so fun for me to watch them play together and create little spaces within their houses. We started with adding wrapping paper and craft paper from Michaels to add some visual interest to their walls. We decided not to paint it, but leave the wood the way it was. Adding in the prints really transforms the house and makes it more fun. I love that we can easily swap out prints for different holidays easily. I used masking tape along the wall edges, and then added double sided tape on top of the masking tape. Then I added the paper to make it stick. This way, I can easily pull off the paper without damaging the walls. So easy. 

We've been collecting doll furniture for many years now, and we've got a pretty good collection now. Most of them are from Calico Critters, Hape, amazon, and used pieces from facebook marketplace. We mix and match them all over the dollhouses and they have all been well loved. The girls definitely have their favorite pieces. 

If you're starting out, I would recommend starting out slowly and adding to your collection as you can. Even though theyre tiny and small, everything adds up, and it can get expensive. Facebook Marketplace has been great for finding dollhouse items for inexpensive, and amazon has some sets that are more affordable. This set from amazon is my favorite to start off with as it some with SO many furniture pieces. You can slowly add room by room as you see fit. I also have some items saved on my amazon storefront if you're looking for any other dollhouse accessories.

For their Valentines Edition dollhouses, I added a few extra special items - all handmade. A labour of love!

 I added felt garlands onto the front of their houses for a fun little touch. The girls helped me make clay cookies and treats from modelling clay (from the dollar store) shaped into hearts, cookie shapes, pretzels and cupcakes. They turned out so cute. I found small little pieces of wood and we placed them on like a tiny charchuterie board. I also added a few heart hangings - I cut out glitter paper/fabric and glued twine on the back so I could hang them from their bunk bed ladders and off handles of closets. 

I made a few little signs by painting over scraps pieces of wood and then writing with a sharpie on it. It was so easy. Then I glued on small pieces of popsicle sticks/coffee stirers and toothpicks to make the frame. There are lot of adorable doll sized printables from Thread Mama as well, but I didnt have enough time to print them before sharing this post. 

I added a few other things like heart shaped pillows, valentines bedsheets (just wrapped existing bedding with fabric and then stiching them closed). I made a few vases of flowers and greenery by taking wood beads and gluing the stems of the greens into them. All I did was snip extra pieces from artificial wreaths I have already in my home. You dont need much at all and they turned out really cute. Gold wreaths made from gold tinsel ribbon and then I added a bow at the bottom. 

If you're looking for a close up video or more in depth details, head on over to my instagram to check for details in stories!

These little houses honestly encourage so much play! We love them and I hope this gives you a little inspiration to make your own tiny homes!

Tuesday 26 January 2021


It's almost Valentines month, and I can't wait to give the kids their valentines baskets. I'm sharing my girls baskets and I'll be making a seperate one for Ben to give him as well. Big kids are definitely harder to shop for and I'll be gifting him a few books, gift certificates, and a few treats. Boys are simple like that!

I'm most excited for the girls Cuddle + Kind dolls. I love that the they give back to the community and each doll feeds 10 children in need. They're all hand knit and the sweetest looking heirloom dolls. I've included some of the cutest handmade accessories from some amazing small shops too. 

Wood heart tag birchbar and co
Bracelets mimi gems
Charm/Keychains magical clay shop
Pink disco tumbler walmart (lol tumblers)
Night gown pajamas amazon
Sunglasses  amazon

Monday 4 January 2021


Bye Bye 2020. Hello 2021!

What a year we've had!

Although it's been a year of major change, there are some silver linings I do not want to forget. It's been a difficult year in so many ways, but for our family it's also been SO good. I keep reminding myself that it's a blessing that the big kids have been able to be home (thanks to home learning) to witness Annie's first year. If they had been in school, they would have missed so many firsts. And she is so lucky to be able to spend so much time with them. She's already so attached to them, and wants to be with them so much. Whenever we are able to go back to school is a day I know will be so looked forward to, but will also be a little sad to see them seperated. 

Home learning has been the number one challenge in our home. Ben and Ellie seem to be handling it fairly well and enjoy may aspects of it. I know they miss social interactions with classmates and teachers, but they are doing ok adjusting and handling it. Maddie on the other hand has struggled with being seperated from her friends and classmates. And I know she would be learning in a much different way with her in person teachers. But we are incredible thankful for our school and teachers. They do so much for the kids and I cannot thank them enough.

We're headed into 2021 with hope and joy! We cannot wait to see our families and friends in person and will be embracing it once it's safe to do so. But as for now we're taking it day by day and week by week. We're trusting in Him and knowing that His plans for our family are far greater than we could dream.

Wishing you all a wonderul start to the New Year too!

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