Tuesday 25 January 2022


Being a busy family of 6, I love finding meal solutions that are healthy and work with our lifestyle. Who knew taking out could be SO yummy!

Generally we love having meals together as a family, but sometimes finding easy meals that are healthy and delicious can be so helpful. And on busy days and weeks, FED offers dietician curated meals that are delivered directly to your front door!

FED offers a customizable meal plans which is great for those who have dietary restrictions. We chose the full nutrition plan! (But they also have low-carb/high protein, keto, plant-based & diabetic plans) All the meals are created from scratch by a team of real chefs who use fresh seasonal ingredients. I love knowing that there are no preservatives, and processed ingredients. 

Once the meals arrived I was so excited to try them all out!  I'm always busy getting the kids lunches packed in the morning and often don't have time to eat a breakfast before we head out. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day, and egg muffins we got were SO yummy! I loved that when I got home I was able to sneak in a nutritious breakfast with zero effort. Knowing that the meals are ready to grab and go is so convenient and easy. 

I was honestly so happy with the meals and they were so delicious. They only take a minute or two to reheat, but they taste so yummy. The flavors were so great, and everything tasted so fresh. I appreciated that there were somany options and they were all different. (We were lucky enough to try fresh cod, chicken curry, steak & pork!) I loved the cod and even when I reheated it, it felt like it was freshly made.

All the packaging of the meals are environmentally friendly! The trays are all paper and biodegradable - which is perfect for us to throw all our food scraps into and take out at the end of the day. 

I loved the convenience of the meals, and would recommend them for any busy days or nights. I love knowing that each meal is going to be great quality.

If you're looking to try any meals with FED use code: melissapxfed for 15% off your first week. Expires end of February. 

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