Monday 6 May 2019


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet up with Tianqi from Under The Tree Photography to do a little photoshoot with the kids.

If taking family photos with your kids gives you some anxiety, then you are definitely not alone! I always get a bit nervous when telling my kids that we're doing some family pictures because it's never the most fun experience with your children when your'e hoping for them to be smiling and listening really well.

We've been doing 1-2 family photo shoots a year for the last few years now. They are my favorite gift to receive (I always ask for my birthday gift each year) and I'm so thankful when I look at the walls in my home!

My favorite pictures of the kids are always candid moments that get captured. I love having at least 1-2 posed pictures of our entire family that goes up in our home. But my favorites are the ones where the kids are doing their own thing and not looking at the camera. Candid photography is definitely my favorite.

I have a few tips I use each time I prepare the kids for a photo session. They usually work fairly well and I almost always get some good pictures of the kids that I can frame for the home.

Here are a few suggestions...


I love being in a nature setting for the pictures. Something about nature just makes for the most perfect backdrop. I've been trying to pick locations that allow the kids to have some room to play during the shoot. For this shoot we chose Stanley Park which is so beautiful. But in the past we've done the beach, open parks & fields, and trails. Usually if the kids are able to run around and play a bit it makes the experience so much more fun.


I always think so hard about what we should all wear. While I love the girls to match, I usually go with one colour option (usually pastels because they are alot softer and blend really nicely) and 2 neutrals. In this one I chose pinks, light tan and soft grey. 


Becuase I did this shoot without my husband (it was a work day), I didnt do this. But usually I love bringing something the kids can sit and enjoy together. Usually this is some sort of food. I've done hot chocolate or apple cider, donuts, cupcakes and cookies. I have this in my bag I bring and bring it out at the end of the shoot. The kids usually sit still and have lots of smiles. 


I always bring some little treats (marshmallows, gummies or chocolates) and hand them out as we go along. Its usually enough incentive for them to stand an smile a few times for some good pictures. And I often tell the kids we get to do something really fun like going to a playground afterwards.

This is one of my absolute favorites!

We loved working with Under The Tree Photography, and if you're interested, feel free to contact them here!
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