Tuesday 24 August 2021

Simple Photography Tips - Family pictures made easy

It's definitely no secret how much I love pictures. Photography has been something I've become so much more interested after becoming a mother. Capturing those special moments and tiny details has become something I've come to love. Each stage of motherhood is so special and capturing the magic in a photograph can be so meaningful.

I often love staging a quick photoshoot for my kids. Sometimes we'll do it while we're out and about (like at a park, beach, on a walk) but sometimes home can be just as good! If you're looking to do some easy quick pictures of your kids, here's a few tips for making it happen at home and when you're out!


Find a place in your home that gets good light and is uncluttered. Some favorite spots in my home are on our white couch, at our dining table (when it's cleared off and tidy!), and in our bedroom. These places are close to a window that gets fairly good natural light. That's the best for indoor photos!

And if you're out, I love finding a spot with a good clean background. Nature, trees, solid color walls, and cute store fronts make for a great backdrop. I'll even use a garage door because it's neutral and doesn't distract from any of the details you want to capture.

We managed to take these pictures at a local farm. I find that it's the perfect place because the kids are free to run around and explore. I love these sweet candid shots of them picking blueberries and watching the cows together. 

Neutral Outfits

I love a good neutral color, especially when coordinating a number of kids. With a family shoot, I love a soft natural look. And if it's just the kids, I love when they all color coordinate. I find the more neutral the colors, the easier it is to frame and hang the pictures in your home.  

If your kids will let you, matching is such a cute option! For an inside shoot, matching jammies is SO adorable. I love these ones we got from City Thread Kids. The perfect neutral and so soft. I can picture them wearing them for so many other occasions like smores night and holiday jammies.

Keep them Occupied

In my experience, the best pictures turn out during those candid moments. I love it when I get to capture my little ones all smiling, but sometimes it doesn't always work out the way I'd like. But candid moments are like the shining stars! And giving them something to do makes it easier to capture these moments.

 I love easy tricks like asking the kids to tell each other a story, whispering a secret, giving hugs or offering them a snack. I have so many pictures of my kids when they're enjoying ice cream, hot chocolate or lollipops. It makes it so much easier and often you can capture some super sweet smiley photos. 

I hope you found something here that was helpful! I'm not an expert by any means, but I love capturing special moments of my children, and love sharing any tips that can help another mama!

Happy Shooting!

Monday 23 August 2021


Blueberry picking is one of my favourite parts of summer. Something about those warm fruits right of the bushes is just so quintessential summer. 

I always say this, but this year they were SO good! They're the best to freeze and use in baking all fall and winter long.

A few special memories from our trip this year. We picked a cool overcast day, and I can't say enough how wonderful it is to go early in the morning where you don't compete with crowds.

Long live these summer days!

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