Wednesday 29 September 2021


Magical playtime in the spookiest dollhouse!

Decorating the dollhouse for each season has been one of my favorite things to do. The girls love seeing the houses all decorated for the season and I love how much joy it brings them. I feel like it renews their imaginations and they play with it so much.

We've collected most of our things over the years and I add a few new items each season. Many of them have been purchased through amazon, passed down, small shops, local toy shops and online. I've also gotten so many items from facebook marketplace, which is a great way to look for pieces second hand. 

I also try to look for all tiny things that could fit into the dollhouse. It's amazing what you can find!

Sharing some pictures of the inside of our tiny home filled with pumpkins, skellies, spooky goodie and all the cute items for our tiny house.

I hope that you love this as much as I do, and that it gives you some inspiration to add some fun spooky touches into yours!

Wood dollhouse Ikea
Pumpkins diy (oven baked clay)
Bats (painted dollar store wood cutouts)
Witch hats (diy)
Gold wreath (wire tinsel & painted dollar store cut outs)
Witch prints (threadmama - cut out and glued onto cardboard)

Monday 20 September 2021


The end of summer is truly so bittersweet. We've had the best time doing all the things. But the start to fall and school starting (finally! It's been over a year and a half of home learning for us!) feels exciting too.

These cooler temperatures have been so great, and we love seeing the trees change color slowly. Can't wait for all the fall favourites! 

Monday 13 September 2021


The kickoff to fall always feels like it happens right when Apple Picking season starts. We always try to go right at the end of summer, right before school starts. It's usually less busy and still pretty sunny and warm. (But make sure to check they're open...two times now I've gone not realizing the farms are closed...Haha!)

We went on the most beautiful sunny day, and it was so fun picking apples. It was Annie's first time picking them and she loved it so much! She barely had the strength to pull them off the trees, and loved snacking and running free. 

We picked Galas because honeycrisps weren't quite ready yet, but they were still so delicious. Still baking with them now and enjoying them for snacks. I love that they keep so so long!

Hoping we get to make another trip down to pick a bit more before the season's over. 

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