Monday 24 May 2021


Growing up as a Chinese Canadian in the prairies of Canada, shaped who I am today. As a child, I often didn't see any differences as I was playing with different friends when I was younger. But as I grew up a little and got older, I started to see the differences between myself and my peers. From the way I looked, values my family had, and cultural differences, I could start to see that I was in the minority.

As I've matured into adulthood and motherhood, I've been able to embrace my heritage - seeing things in a different light. I've been able to appreciate cultural traditions I grew up with and love the special things we did as a family growing up. A a mama to 4, I hope that I'm able to pass these special memories and traditions onto my little ones. I want to make sure they understand the value and beauty in their heritage and be proud of it.

I love that my children get to experience two different cultures! So far they love both sides of their family heritage (Chinese & English) and I'm so grateful that my husband and I get to teach them to love all parts of their family heritage. I pray that these traditions hold and extra special place in their hearts and that they see the beauty in honoring them. My hope is that they learn to love, accept and embrace all parts of who they are.

One of my favorite little spaces in the girls bedroom is this small bookshelf wall. I love styling it and changing the books up each month. So excited to share a few new favorites in celebration or AAPI and Asian Heritage Month. Celebrating our Asian heritage starts with education, and one of the best ways to share this with my little ones is through books.

When I was younger, I never read books that had characters who looked like me! So happy my kids get to see a variety of diverse characters these days.

Love the power of books and the change they can make!

I love seeing different traditional attire from all different cultures! it's truly amazing to see so many different and beautiful pieces. I have a love for this!

My daughter's love bringing out their special Chinese outfits and wearing them on very special occasions. They always comment on how they feel like a princess and know that they're something very special about the pieces. Most of them have been bought for them my my mama on different trips to China. I love that these dresses have a special meaning behind them and that the girls love to wear them proudly. 

I love that there are so many amazing women and shops that are celebrating our Asian communities. Raising our children to respect all cultures and educate ourselves with the beauty of diversity is so important. So happy to be able to celebrate APPI month with love and kindness!

Thursday 13 May 2021


This is our second Mother's Day during a pandemic. I love celebrating my own mama on Mother's Day weekend, and the girls and I decided that we would do something nice in our home. My mama loves afternoon tea and that seemed like the perfect idea for a small little celebration.

We did a really simple menu including homemade scones and jam, strawberries, mini croissant sandwiches, sugar cookies and portugese tarts. And of course our favourite tea! (Mine is Earl Grey & my mom loves English Brekafast. Two tea post for us, please!)

Ellie helped pick all the beautiful blooms from our garden, and it added the sweetest touch to our table setting.

A few sweet memories from our afternoon tea party!

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