Wednesday 7 April 2021


Ben is 11! I can't believe that 11 is here already. The boy who made me a mama!

Last year we were in lockdown at the start of the pandemic and we weren't able to do anything really. All the stores were closed and I couldn't go out and buy anything special for his birthday. But this year, I tried to make it extra special for him.

I'm so excited to share a little Pokemon party I planned! He's been SO into pokemon for years now, and still loves it. 

I don't always love a character party, but I know that those cute little pokemon faces bring alot of joy - to my son and the girls too! I decided to go with a pastel yellow theme as a base colour (for the beloved pikachu!) and added a few pops of chartreuse, silver & gold to the mix. I didn't go overboard on the characters, but used some mini figurines for the cake. Added in some cute little party hats to make them more festive.

For the table setting, I used a mix of 3 different coloured plates, and added a name tag on each plate.  I found a big handmade mango lollipop that I tied with tulle for embellishment. I found these at a local market (Granville Island) and I thought they would be perfect for the party. I couldn't get cookies made in time as all the bakers were busy with Easter, so I went with this option instead. I love how it turned out! And cut a few daffodils from my garden for a special touch. 

I made a cute diy popper for the kids to open up. Inside was a cute little mini figurine, confetti and some little treats. They loved opening them! I wrapped toilet paper rolls with tissue paper and added in the surprises before tying them up with yarn. I used a few pokemon stickers on top to tie into the theme. (I used double side tape so that once they opened it, they could keep the sticker and stick it somewhere else! 

Finally the cake! I got a plain vanilla cake at a local grocery store and added some sprinkles (I used an Easter sprinkle mix and added in some red from a Valentines set!). It's amazing how a simple hack like this makes it have a much more personalized touch. Added an 11 candle, the best cake topper ever, and my diy pokemon figurines. 

Even though this party may look like it took hours to set up, I assure you it really did not. I set the table the night before (Ben's birthday is the day after Easter and I didnt have any extra energy to go ALL out!) and made the finishing touches in the morning. I was well prepared and got all my party supplies in advance, which helps so much.

Hope you enjoyed this sweet pikachu party and that this gives you some ideas on planning your own character parties!

Here's some sources on what we used for the party. Most of these items were from amazing small shops that I love!

Partyware, Candle, Gold circle banner Party Et Cie
Wood Name Settings Birch Bar and Co
Pokemon figurines Amazon (diy party hats)
Cake Topper Fancy Free Finery
Sprinkles Fancy Sprinkles (use code PETITE15 for a special discount!)
Yellow Party Poppers DIY
Annie's bow Clover and Jules
Ellie's grey bow Shay and Dash

Thursday 1 April 2021


This spring and Easter season has been SO fun. We've been making lots of fun diy crafts, snacks and decor. Our weather has been pretty great, and all that sunshine is just putting on such a big smile on our faces. 

Just wanted to share some fun Spring and Easter details as we move into Easter weekend. A few little memories I dont want to forget about.

Hope you have a Happy Easter Weekend! May you find lots of joy and hope this weekend at home!

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