Tuesday 25 August 2020


I love an easy DIY and this one is a perfect one! 

I've been eyeing a few different stools I've seen around, but most of the ones I've loved are out of my budget. But when I came across these pretty IKEA stools, I knew I had to try an easy DIY on them to see how they turned out. 

With a little paint, these came out so cute, and I can't wait to use them all over our home. I love that you can use them at a table when you've got company coming over, as a display stand, bedside table or just to add a pop of colour in an empty space in your home. 


Ikea Skogsta Stool

Multi Purpose Paint

Painters Tape

Measuring tool/Ruler 


1. Measure and tape off the length of paint you'e like on the legs. Carefully measure each one and tape it to creat straight lines. Make sure you press down hard on the tape to create a good barrier. Do this for all 4 legs and tape off any other areas where paint may drip down. I measured different heights for mine, and like that it adds some visual interest. 

2. Apply a light coat of paint. Let try between coats. I ended up using 3 light coats for each stool. I used a pink, light blush & white for my 3 stools. But I think any colour combo would be so pretty!

3. Once completely dry, add a sealant to protect the paint if you wish. I ended up sealing the stool with paint on the seat, but left the ones with only the legs painted. 

I hope this easy and fun little DIY gives you some inspiration to add some colour into your home!

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