Monday 7 December 2020


One of my favorite parts abour Christmas growing up was opening our stockings. I loved all the tiny little goodies inside. It was always something I looked forward to the most. Now that I'm doing stockings for my kids, it's definitely my fave thing to put together for them as well. Anyone else love all the little surprises?

I know filling an entire stocking full of things for your kids can seem like alot. I love adding things they need into it. Fun socks, new toothbrushes, bubble bath can take up the bulk of it. Then adding the fun surprises makes it that much better. I love an assortment of treats, fun accessories, winter mittens/hats, card games, small books, journals, tiny dolls etc. And for my son, I'm adding in a small assortment of gift cards he can spend on what he likes. (Starbucks, local cafes, Indigo, Mcdonalds - so he can get his own meal next time we do a fun fast-food lunch!)

Here's what I'm including in my big girls stockings:

Hand painted peg dolls

Mouse Dolls

Nail Polish


Kids necklaces & bracelets

Iorn on patches

Crafting supplies (watercolour paint, chunky pencil crayons, little notebooks)

Winter hats


Gift Cards (starbucks, McDonalds, local toy store)

Instax film

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