Saturday 23 June 2018


We live in the west coast of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Our city is beautiful, but also pricey. I believe it is one of the mot expensive cities to live in. As a family of 5, this doesn't make life easy for us. We are fortunate enough to live in a duplex with my parents in the heart of the city. We love our community we live in!

This last year I was really feeling the urge to make our home more live-able for our family. We are lucky enough to have about 1800 sq feet, but I felt like we still needed a bit more room - or at least a more functional living space. My biggest concern was that the kitchen was closed off from the rest of the house. I am constantly peeking my head out to see what the kids are up to. And often times, I feel like I'm being banished when I have to cook or do dishes. Our kitchen is fairly new still, and in really really good condition. So a reno always seemed like too much of a luxury. But I continued to want a more open concept and more social kitchen for our family and hosting.

We looked into the costs for a kitchen reno which would have been quite a big investment for us. But after weeks/months of talking about it, my parents came to us with a proposal. They offered to switch units with us - which would leave us with much more family space. My husband and I took about a week of talking about it (alot! Mostly from me! Haha!) and ultimately decided to take the plunge. 

The space we would be moving has an open kitchen concept, and 2 living spaces for our family to spend time in. The bedrooms are much much smaller, but we gain extra communal space which I had been craving. Thinking ahead many years (like when the kids are teenagers. I know. What?!?!), I felt like our family would benefit from bigger shared space where we could entertain friends and have some separation if we needed it. I can just imagine the kids having friends over and watching movies together downstairs while we could be upstairs. 

So this summer are packing up and moving downstairs! I can hardly believe it, and I"m already thinking of how we can decorate our space to make it our own. We'll also be downsizing as there isn't nearly as much storage space as we currently have. Here's to a new adventure for our family!

And a few pics of our home just so I can remember what it looked like! 

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