Wednesday 11 July 2018


Summertime is here and we couldn't be any happier about it! The sun is shining everyday and the weather is heating up. We love soaking up every bit of summer!

But with the warm weather and sun, I've been trying my best to keep my kids happy but sun safe.

Here's a few tips I use when we are out adventuring or spending the day by the water.

1. Time of Day.

We love venturing out and exploring the city over the summer. I cherish these summer months especially now that Ben is in full time school. It's the only extended period of time we get to spend all together everyday. The girls love it! But when the days are super hot, I always try to get out early in the morning. The earlier the better. The sun isn't at it's hottest and I find the kids are always in a better mood when it's not too hot. We try to avoid being out during the hottest times of the day (between noon-3) if possible. Usually we're headed home sometime after lunch and spend some time cooling off inside.

2. Shade.

Although I love summer, I'm a big believer in staying shaded if possible. Anywhere we go, I always try to find the shadiest spot to put down our stuff. Big trees are the best, and it's so much more enjoyable to be able to escape the direct sun when you're taking a snack break or wanting some cool off time.

3. Sunscreen.

My kids know that we always put on sunscreen if we're going to be under the sun. I've been putting sunscreen on them as soon as I was able to (I believe they recommend 6 months and up for babies). We put it on before we leave the house and usually I try to reapply around lunch. I know it can be a struggle sometimes, but it really is so helpful for protecting their sensitive skin.

4. Covering Up

If we are headed out to a place where there will be lots of direct sun, I try to put the girls in dresses with tiny sleeves. Their shoulders can get burned really easily and it makes it a little easier if they are covered up slightly.

If we are going to be in the water, I always put on a cover up for the kids. Ben will wear a water t-shirt, and the girls wear their swim cover ups too. I love buying cute swim wear for the girls - they love it too! And I usually do get some cute pics of them in their outfits. But once they're actually playing and IN the sun, I always put on their long sleeve shirts to protect them. They are SO good. And the bonus, is that I don't have to apply any sunscreen when they do. And you know what, they love that too!

5. Hats & Sunnies

I know hats aren't always comfortable, but they help so much when it comes to sun protection. Ben always wears a fitted baseball cap. And I get the girls 2 kinds of hats - one waterproof for water play, and another floppy brimmed hat for outdoor play.

And sunnies are the cutest! My mom had to get cataract surgery a few years ago, and she is always reminding me to wear my sunglasses. I guess that rubbed off on me, and now I'm always reminding my kids to wear theirs too! Haha! We keep spare sets in the car, and I always have another set in my purse just in case.

6. Stay Hydrated.

I almost always try to bring the kids water bottles out when we head out in the morning. They play so hard and are constantly thirsty. Keeping hydrated keeps them happier and playing for longer.

7. Be Prepared.

I always bring a big bag full of essentials for hot sunny days. This saves me from meltdowns and having to leave places early if we forget things. I try to include sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, bows/elastics, a spare set of clothes, water and snacks. You know, all the toddler and kid essentials! I keep it by our door and double check each morning to make sure everything is refilled and ready to go.

Hope these tips are helpful for these next summer months ahead!

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