Thursday 8 November 2018


A few weeks ago we got home from our family vacation to San Diego. My parents had planned this family trip for months now, and it was so wonderful to be with our family.

First off, California weather is amazing! It rained in Vancouver the whole time we were away, and I hate to admit how excited I was to be missing some of that westcoast rain. It wasn't by any means hot in San Diego, but it was sunny every day and I loved that we could wear dresses and shorts.

We had a pretty relaxing itinerary and decided that some beach days were what we wanted to do. It was a free activity and the kids were entertained and we could kick back bit and relax. We asked our hotel/timeshare if they had any leftover beach toys (mom tip of the day!) and they had a closet full of beach items we were free to take. We scored beach chairs and an umbrella for shade - and didn't have to spend any extra money. We did have to get some beach toys though...and a quick trip to the dollar store for some buckets, plastic bowls, and measuring cups/spoons was more than enough.

The first beach we visited was Coronado Beach. It was gorgeous there!

We also spent two days at a local beach in Carlsbad. This was probably the easiest to get to, and had the shortest distance between soft sand to where the water was. It actually was probably my favorite becuase the kids were really close to us and I didn't have to wander far to make sure they were ok and staying safe.

We also made a trip into La Jolla. We stopped to see the sea lions at the Children's Pool which was super fun. They loved watching the sea lions laze about and swim around. The waves were actually really rough around the viewing area and Ben was mesmerized watching the water crash into the viewing area. The rest of the day was spent on the beach.

We decided to do two days of Legoland near the end of our trip, which was so fun. All the cousins were the perfect age for the rides. We spent one day mostly doing rides and walking around. And the second day we spent most of our time at the waterpark. That was probably the favorite out of the two days becuase...waterparks are the best, aren't they? And getting to do them with our cousins makes it even better!

I felt like this little trip was just what I needed to get away and relax. San Diego, we can't wait to come back and visit!

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