Wednesday 20 November 2019


We're so excited to announce the birth of our 3rd daughter Annabelle Florence.

She's only been with us for over a month, but we've all fallen totally in love with her, and we couldn't imagine her not in our family.

Sharing a little bit about labour and delivery...

At the end of my pregnancy with her, my midwife was worried about her size. The ultrasounds I had done showed signs that she was a bigger baby. They wanted to induce me slightly early at 39 weeks just so I didn't have any problems delivering her.

I got called into the hospital for Monday evening for my induction. I was already 4 cm dialated (from my appointment at my doctors the week before) and labored for hours with the oxytocin. Before they broke my waters, I got an epidural because they weren't sure how long I would labor for before baby was ready to come out. A few hours later, I was ready to push. They had a team of pediatricians and the obgyn there in case I needed an intervention (which I had when Ellie was born as her shoulder got stuck on the way out). But they were able to turn baby girl during the pushing and she came out really easily.

We ended up having to stay at the hospital until Friday because Annabelle had some jaundice and they ended up giving her light therapy to help with her bilirubin count. Friday we were discharged and we couldn't have been happier to be back home.

Less than a week later I went back to my doctors for a routine baby wellness checkup. The nurses had been to our home for 2 visits already to check that her weight was going up. She seemed healthy and on track to gaining more weight. But when we were at the doctors for a wellness checkup, they asked me to do some more bloodwork for the jaundice, as she was looking more yellow. Later that day I got a call from my doctors asking me to go to Children's Hospital, as her bilirubin count was very high. We packed a bag, and when we arrived, they rushed up to the NICU for more light therapy. Her levels were dangerously high, and they were really concerned. They immediately started her under the blue lights and we saw her levels slowly returning down.

After just under a week of being in the NICU, we were able to go home.

Its been a sweet but challenging few weeks as we adjust to being a family of 6. But theres been so much love and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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