Saturday 27 March 2021


The last few years we've made an annual trip to a local farm for an Easter Egg hunt out in the open air. It's been such a highlight during the Easter season, and my kids love running around outside looking for eggs. Sadly, I know this year we won't be able to make it out either due to the pandemic.

I love the idea of them outdoors picking eggs and so I decided to take a morning out to our local park to do a fun simple egg hunt on one of the more secluded trails. I didn't fill any of the eggs, but told the kids to help Annie with finding eggs and filling her basket. Once they were all picked up, I would surprise them with a little Easter treat. We chose a warm and sunny day, and it was SO perfect.

Annie had the best time walking back and forth on the trail looking for little eggs for her basket. The girls loved helping her find them one at a time, and Ben was happy exploring the trails while we looked around. I packed a few treats to give them after and they were so happy. 

Next time I do this, I'd love to have someone helping me with keeping the kids busy while I actually hid the eggs (that was their request for next time!) and getting an actual little bag or big egg to fill with some fun little treats. 

But these sweet memories are so precious and I loved that they got to do it outside. (Our westcoast weather makes it hard to count on a sunny picking a sunny morning to do it when it's dry can be so helpful!)

And the girls dresses from Mini and Me Official were perfect for the occasion. They are so swingy, flowy and soft. They love wearing them. And the best part is - they wash so well in the washing machine and look like just like a fancy party dress without any uncomfort.

Ellie's bright pink here and Maddie's soft pink here. They are gorgous and soft, and wash incredibly well in the washing machine. 

Cherishing these sweet moments with these little ones.

Bows Lottie Belles Bowtique

Swing Dresses Mini and Me Official

Bunny Baskets Indigo

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