Friday 23 June 2017


Happy first days of summer!

One of my favorite parts of summer is going berry picking with the kids. We've been going the last few years and each year is just as much fun as the last. Something so satisfying about eating the very berries you pick yourself! (Haha, obviously we're city folk!)

This year we went to Krause Berry Farms in the morning (just outside of Vancouver) for a little girls adventure. The girls were super excited to pick strawberries and couldn't wait to eat them. The tricky part was getting them to pick the berries with the stems attached so they dont get bruised. Those berries are SO delicate! They couldn't quite get it and pretty much just pulled the strawberries off with sheer might. Let's just say that most of the strawberries the girls picked were slightly squished because of strong little hands. 

After all the picking, we stopped for breakfast waffles, whipped cream and berries. Oh yes, they have them there and they are SO yummy! (If you go, you must try them! You'll thank me later)

Unfortunately when we went, alot of the attractions (including the ice cream shoppe and outside food porch) were still closed with the exception of weekends. But I heard that everything will open up in July!

And the wagon had to be a favorite for us! I'm not actually sure if you're supposed to sit and pull them (or if they're just for hauling around berries) but the girls loved it!

And yes, I got them a strawberry glazed donut too! (There were too many little treats to resist!)

This was such a fun little outing for us, especially for the first day of summer! We've got loads on our bucket list this summer and can't wait to share our Vancouver adventures with you all.

Small shop inspiration:

Strawberry Peplum: Vivie and Ash
Pink knee socks: Petite Littles
Necklace: Coral and Cloud
Bows: The Prettiest Bow

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