Sunday 26 November 2017


The girls started sharing a room at the end of the summer, and I'm finally ready to share their space! We tried really hard to make the room feel like their own and put a few of their favorite little things in their space. They have been really happy to play together in the room and we hope that the room continues to grow with them.

We recently added some floral wall vinyls and it really adds a sweet feminine touch to their bedroom! I've always wanted to paint the walls all white, but it seemed like too big of a job. (I"ve never done any diy like that before!) I like how they add some depth to the room and are really so pretty!

Their bedroom is on our top floor, which has vaulted ceilings. It does make it harder furniture placement and decorating, but we did what we could with the room to make the most space for playing them. We placed their beds along the side with the vaulted ceiling, and are hoping to get bunk beds for them sometime in the next year or so!

We also added a sweet little wall gallery with some of their favorite little items. We included their favorite animals (that cute bunny and polar bear), floral watercolor initials, and large photo frame. I love those little bow hooks for their necklaces too! I had collected a few items from some of my favorite small shops as well - floral wood star, floral dream catcher and a card we framed from my sister when Maddie was born

The shelving unit here is from Ikea. I love it because of its simplicity and how many toys it can hold. We keep a few toys on top (like their wooden dollhouse) and we use the pink baskets (from Target) to contain lots and lots of toys. One is for odds and ends, playmobil, cooking toys and stuffies. You can really fit alot into those square baskets and it's perfect for the kids to throw their toys into when we are cleaning up.

We do have lots of the girls toys in our living area/playroom, but we decided to move about half of their toys to their bedrooms. This frees up a bit of space in the living room and also allows for a second play area for them.

This little corner between the door and the dresser is where we keep alot of their bows! (We also have lots of little glass jars we keep them in...there are just too many!) And i love the little row of hangers below where they hang their princess dresses! They are just tall enough to be able to reach them!

We added a vintage dresser we found from Craigslist for items they get on a daily basis. One side is for Maddie and the other Ellie. We keep the same items on each side so it makes it easier for the girls to remember what goes where.

We love that the girls get to spend their free time in this little room together! We know that one day they will want their privacy and may not want to share. But we'll keep them together as long as they love it!


FLORAL WALL VINYL shopbdarling
CRIB ikea
BUNNY PRINT sisi and seb
POLAR BEAR PRINT lila x lola
BOW HOOKS the land of nod
NECKLACES coral and cloud
FLORAL STAR flohradesign
DOLLHOUSE le toy van
PINK CASTLE melissa and doug
BOW STAND homesense
ROW OF HANGERS homesense

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