Thursday 26 March 2020


I love adding in something round to break up my decor on my mantle and shelves. And our previous HOP sign was so cute, I tried another similar DIY idea. 

Here's what you need

1. Round wood sign (from Michaels)
2. Flower wood shapes (from Michaels)
3. Paint and Paint brushes
4. Glue Gun

I used the same round sign as in my previous HOP diy sign, but added some painted flower to make a little collage. I allowed the girls to each paint their own flowers, and then we arranged them onto the sign. Then I glued them together!

Here's the simple guideline...

1. Gather your sign, flowers, paint and paint brushes.
2. Start painting everything!  I tried to get the girls to paint the flowers a few different colours so it would look more colourful once we put it together. We used a light pink paint for the round sign. 
3. Let dry a few hours. Then use your glue gun and hot flowers to the circle sign.

Its the perfect piece for their book wall or play space. So fun and easy!

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