Wednesday 17 February 2021


I'm SO excited to share this sweet little Vet Pet Adoption party with you!

I can't believe Maddie is 8! Dont blink friends, your babies grow up so quickly!

Maddie has always been such an animal lover, and I coudn't wait to go with a vet pet adoption theme. I oringially found this adorable idea from Joni at Lay Baby Lay. I took the idea and ran with it!

We collected some adorable puppies who needed to be adopted and have vet visists. Maddie got to be our little Vet who was taking care of them, and fixed up any fractures the puppies had. We set up vet appointments for some friends outside on our covered porch and they got to go through the process of adopting and having a vet visit together. Our little guests were able to make their puppies collars, pick out vitamins and decorate a puppy home.

We sent them off afterwards with a hot chocolate and cupcake to go...which made for a short and sweet visit!

I know everyone has different restrictions in this pandemic, and we ultimately decided on having it outdoors, distanced, and with friends coming at different times to eliminate cross contact. It was actually the perfect birthday party idea and I loved that we could still see a few special friends/cousins wile maintaining a distance. 

We started off with inviting a few close friends/cousins and then making appointments throughout the afternoon making sure to space them apart so we could clean and make sure they didn't cross paths. We allowed about 20-25 min for each guests appointment and everyone wore masks to keep the puppies safe. 

We collected the cutest little puppies and set up a few fun activities for the guests to participate in. They all got to choose their puppy, fill out their patient forms, look at x-rays, make puppy collars and decorate a simple puppy home. All distanced! It was honestly so cute. 

Maddie loved every detail of the party and loved that she got to help me prepare and set up the party. She told me this was her favorite party yet, and found so much magic in it - even though it was so different than a regular party would have been. So thankful we got to celebrate our sweet girl in a big way!

stuffy puppies dollar store

invitations, patient checklists & xrays lay baby lay

puppy homes &husky puppies par-t-pets

puppy bracelet finny and dot

polka dot dresses mila and rose

annie's bow clover & jules

maddies bow wunderkin

bone/paw sign, round collars, pipe cleaners michaels

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