Thursday 28 October 2021


My husband and I got our first Endy mattress a few years into our marriage when we upgraded to a King size bed. We honestly loved the ease of purchasing and have been enjoying our sleeps ever since. 

We recently did some renovations to our ground floor and I have been wanting to upgrade the girls shared bedroom for a while now. We finally settled on some small upgrades, including new mattresses for them. 

I'm really excited to be sharing our journey and honest review with Endy!

We live right in the heart of the city, and real estate here comes at a price! Our home is definitely more than comfortable enough for us, but with only 4 rooms, the girls have to share a bedroom. For now, we love having them share a bedroom! I love that they have such a close relationship and they definitely take comfort in having each other close by. They have always been really great sleepers and we were so excited to be able to help them continue their sleep journey with their own Endy mattresses.

Our girls have always loved spending time with us in our bedroom. They love cuddling with us in the early mornings, snuggling up with a few good books and having movie afternoons in our bed. They always say our mattress is so soft! There's something to be said about getting comfy and cozy in a big bed!

When we surprised them with their own mattresses, I knew they would be over the moon that they were getting the same mattresses that we sleep on for their own beds. Our new mattresses are such great quality and we love that they are Canadian made. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they have great support which is so important.  Both girls love getting into bed each night, and they are getting such a great sleep, which is something we're all happy with. 

As the weather has been cooling off, Endy's proprietary Comfort Foam is temperature neutral which helps support you through all the seasons. It maintains the same level of comfort and support in all weather. 

One of the girls favorite things about their beds are the customizable pillows! They loved being able to take out handfuls of the bamboo charcoal memory foam to the firmness level they were comfortable with. I really appreciate that each of their pillows suits their own personal needs and that it can grow with them as needed. And they always comment on how fluffy and soft their pillows feel. And as a mama, the best part is that their pillow covers are 100% cotton and washable with a hypoallergenic microfiber fill. You never know when you're going to need to give them a good washing!

The girls have been so happy with their new beds! I already love hearing them giggling, playing and reading in their new beds. I hope they continue to make lots of magical memories together!

If you've ever wanted to try out an Endy, I can't recommend them enough. If you're interested in trying one out click HERE to shop! 

And I love that Endy stands behind their mattresses. They offer a 100-night risk-free trial to make sure that you love your Endy! 

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