Monday 24 July 2017


We just got back from our trip to Calgary last week and had the best time visiting with our family. We spent 2 weeks hanging out and making super fun summer memories. Summer memories really are the best ones, aren't they?

I grew up in Calgary and moved away to Vancouver when I graduated from high school. I've only been back a few times since we had our children, so this was really fun for us to get together with their cousins. We had some opportunities to hang out out with some of our childhood family friends which was SO nice. We just picked up where we had left off and I love that our children are now playing together. Generations of family friends hanging out is pretty amazing.

We also met the newest baby of our family, Emma. She was the squishiest little thing, and Maddie was totally in love with her. She asked to hold her the entire time, and pretty sure she was the baby hog the whole bbq.

The kids fell in love with the city as soon as we got here. They loved all the space in my sisters home, all the trails to ride bikes and playing with their cousins from the break of dawn (literally!) till bedtime.

Here's a few favorite pictures from our trip!

We loved spending some time at St. Patrick's Island. They've got a lovely little trail you can walk which passes this park here and a few other stops. This park was so fun for the kids - and that slide is so fast!

My sister also was gifted some seasons passes to Calaway Park. It's a fun little pre-historic themed amusement park. It's got some super fun rides for the little toddlers and a couple of bigger kid rides too. We spent a few days there exploring and playing. Best part was that it was only about a 15 drive back home!

The Stampede was probably one of the highlights. I remember going every year with my family growing up. We loved going on the Midway rides, eating yummy fair food and exporing the exhibits. It was so fun taking our kids there for the first time! Check out my post here for a peek at our adventures!

And this ice creamery - Village Ice Cream was so so yummy! It's all handmade in small batches. Obviously we weren't the only ones who loved was a hit with all the little ones.

And the Zoo was probably a highlight for the little kids! They have a new exhibit with the Lemurs that was really neat. We got to go in their habitat where they're roaming, eating and climbing. We were so close to them - and one ran right by Maddie which was so neat! They also loved seeing the penguins. We got to see them really close up. Ellie and I even got splashed be a couple of hungry ones during feeding time!

And our drive home was so beautiful. We couldn't stop talking about how beautiful the scenery was! We made a few stops on the way home and the girls loved exploring at our stops. (My mom and I also had a big scare driving - nearly running out of gas. We were so lucky that it was mostly downhill as we were running out of gas and we just made it to a station just in time!)

Calgary, thanks for a wonderful time. We cant wait to visit again!

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