Sunday 10 December 2017


Buying boy gifts is something that I've been having to learn along the way. Growing up with a sister, I was never exposed to any typical boy toys. So this has been a fun journey for me!

This year we are getting Ben a few gifts as there's no one really 'big' gift he wants.

But he's a boy who loves games, puzzles, challenges and also using his hands. (We also got him a Nintendo system for his birthday, so he really loves that too!)

Here's a list of some great boys gifts that I know my son would approve of!

MARBLE RUN (This looks like so much fun for a boy! I love that it promotes building and problem solving - and so much fun to watch the marble go through the track!)
BOOK BOX SET (Earlier this year we got ben the Roal Dahl box set and he absolutely loved it! This year we're getting him Captain Underpants and Dog Man)
STAR WARS FIGURES (I love these Playskool sets becuase they don't look too realistic, but they have the fun element of what the characters look like.)
MONOPOLY (One of my favorites games to play with Ben becuase it's pretty fun for kids and adults! I love that it helps with thinking stragegies and with math when thinking about the rent and giving change)
CATAN JUNIOR (Ben loves this game - it's really fun collecting resources to build ships and castles)
TRADING CARDS (Ben loves pokemon cards and loves trading with his little friends)
SUSHI GO (We love having sushi out for lunch and dinner and this card game seems like so much fun!)
LEGO (Lego is seriously so timeless - Ben can still play for hours on end)
KEVA (These building blocks are SO great. Ben has spent so many hours building structures and runs...his only complaint is that he needs more. Haha. We're adding a second set this Christmas for him)
STUFFIES (Although Ben doesn't really play with stuffies that much, he still likes to have one or two for sleeping. Bats have been a favorite animal for a while, so this seems perfect!)

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