Sunday 24 December 2017


We're slowly checking things off our list this holiday!

We've decorated gingerbread houses each year since Ben was a little toddler. And each year it gets more and more fun.

I always try to be really relaxed about the activity while I'm setting up all the candies and building the houses. Bu once the kids get to the icing and treats, it's pretty much a major sugar fest. And I'm a total stress case. I guess you can only do so much when you're allowing your kids to decorate adorable cookie houses with delicious candies. Haha.

It's so fun documenting the little gingerbread houses each child makes. They look so cute and captures a little moment in time of their creativity. I love it!

And my favorite part is using them as part of our Christmas decor around the house. I usually put them on a cake stand, and they add the perfect handmade touch!




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