Thursday 14 December 2017


Stockings are my absolute favorite to fill up for Christmas. I always loved opening my stocking on Christmas morning. It wasn't always filled with big gifts, but it had lots of little things I loved to receive!

When Josh and I first got married, we started filling up each other's stockings with some fun little items. They weren't exactly big items, but fun little goodies that showed we were thinking of each other. I've loved doing that with him ever since!
And now 3 children later, I love filling my children's stockings with little treats and activities for them. It's so much fun watching them open it up. I think often the stockings are even more fun than than the bigger gifts.

I always think stockings should have a few new little toys, but also treats and some practical things they are able to use as well. (I'm the girl who even loved receiving lotion, toothbrushes and toothpaste in my stocking!)

Here I've put together a little list of things I'll be putting into my own children's stockings and items I've used in past years also.

BOWS (Because, really, can you ever have enough?)
HAIR TIES (These are so perfect because you can use the as bracelets and hair ties when your kids need it.)
NECKLACES (becuase dress up and lookin fancy is so fun!)
BRACELETS (my girls looove bracelets and feel so fancy when they wear them!)
BEADS FOR MAKING NECKLACES (I get mine from the dollar store and then repackage them in a little dish or fun bag. They only cost a few dollars and keep the kids happy for SO long!)
STUFFIES (we have an endless amount already, but the girls love them so much and play with them all the time that I keep getting them! The TY brand are their favorites!
JAMMIES (Christmas jammies are always my favorite! I can never wait that long and always bring them out earlier. Gap is always a favorite. But Carters may have topped them because they make jammies up to size 12 which is perfect for matching for all the kids.)
SOCKS (Adorable animal and holiday socks...need I say more?)
ART SUPPLIES (Pencil crayons, pencils, erases, paints...they love em all!)
COLORING BOOKS (Princesses and animals are their favorites)
SMALL PLAY FIGURINES (We have a large collection of small princesses already, but they love to mix and match their outfits and offer hours and hours of play time when we are out. They're worth it! We also have My Little Pony and Minnie Mouse that they like too!)
DVD'S (This year we got them Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. We use these for long drives in the car too which is great!)
BOOKS (Books are one of my favorite gifts to give! The girls love to read and look at the pictures.)
HATS/MITTS (We seem to need new hats and mitts each year and I love throwing them in)

I love filling my son's stocking each year and I get to put lots of fun little items in. Ben is so different from the girls and doesn't always need lots of little gifts. But I love spoiling him a bit!

Here's a few items that will be going into the stocking this year! (And some from the past that may give you some good inspiration also!)

LEGO KEYCHAIN ( love adding little keychains - although we are far away from giving him a key to our home, they are perfect for personalizing a school bag on the zipper!)
GIFT CARDS (It always seems like a fun little treat to get some gift cards. He loves to pay when we go out and gets so proud! Some places I know Ben would love to receive cards from are Starbucks, local coffee shops, and Mc Donald's)
HATS/MITTS (Each year we end up with single mitts and so this is the perfect time to grab a few extras. We also usually include snow mitts which they love!)
TRADING CARDS (We are ALL into Pokemon still, so I've rounded a few packs for Ben. But hockey and sports cards would also be great!)
BOOKS (One of my favorite gifts hands down. And Ben loves books so much and can easily read them anytime by himself now also. This year we got him a set of Hardy Boys, Captain Underpants, and Dog Man. For his past birthday we got him a set of Roald Dahl and he read them over and over again all summer long. Those books are amazing if you have a reader at home!)
BALLS (Small bouncy balls and balls that are easy to throw around are always a hit)
ACTIVITY BOOKS (More complex coloring books, crosswords, Word search, color by numbers, Sudoku are always a great idea. They are perfect even to leave in the car for when you need a distraction)
GAMES (This year we got him Sushi Go, as set of Jacks
PLAYING CARDS (Uno, crazy 8's, Go Fish, son loves ALL games and if there's someone who will play with him, he's more than happy to play all day long!)
MAGIC CARD PLAYING CARDS (I saw some for clearance at Michaels and thought that they would be so fun for a boy to learn some fun magic tricks! I hope I don't regret it! Haha)

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