Wednesday 17 June 2020


Its the end of the school year, and I'm sharing what we'll be giting our special teachers this year. This year specifically has been something that we've never had to go through before. The pandemic has allowed us to experience a glimpse of what homeschool life would be like. And honestly, I would not have been able to do it without our amazing teachers at my kids schools. They have gone above and beyond and we are so grateful for their support and hard work.

I love gifting something homemade that they can keep. But I also throw in a small gift card so they can enjoy something just for them. This year we painted terracotta pots and we added in a potted herb for each of them. I loved how they turned out, and the kids were so proud.


Terracotta pot
Mod Podge

We used printables from Thread Mama for these penannts!


1. Paint your Terracotta Pot. We did 2 coats for ours.

2. Add glitter if you like (my girls added glitter, Ben chose not to)

3. Once dry, coat with one layer of Mod Podge. Let dry overnight.

4. Add herbs/flowers into your pot. We chose Basil, Mint, & Rosemary. I watered our herbs a day or two in advance, and then transfered them when they were damp, but not too wet. 

5. Add a cute sign or tag to personalize it. I used a printable for Best Teacher Ever/Thank You, but you could easily just add the name of the herb or do a handwritten tag. I printed the saying out, and hot glued it to a take-out chopstick. (You could easily use a toothpick for a small sign, popsicle stick or skewers too!)

We'll be attaching a coffee gift card to our pots (just a little treat for our teachers!) and delivering them at our school's end of the year parade celebration!

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