Friday 1 September 2017


We had no idea that we'd be planning a camping trip this summer! But when Maddie persistently convinced my husband to take us, we really had to go. (Especially when he comes home to tell you he's already booked a campsite!)

But after a few days of sitting on the idea, I decided to embrace it. Maddie and Ben were both really excited to try it. And I'm all for new experiences for the kids (and myself included!).

We booked a campsite close to our home - about an hour and a half away. It felt close enough to home, but far enough to feel like we'd been away on a short vacation. We ended up booking mid-week (because all the campsites were booked up on the weekends already) and we loved it. It wasn't too busy or noisy, which we really liked. We only camped for 2 nights, but for newbies like ourselves, it seemed like just the right amount of time.

My husband Josh wasn't able to take our first day off work, so we drove up right after he got off work. We hit some bad traffic (there was an accident on the freeway) and by the time we got there, we had lost most of the natural light. We ended up putting up our tent in the dark, with the car headlights on. Trickier than you'd think! But we managed and got everything up. We were thankful the next morning when we were all set up and ready to explore.

Hot chocolate mornings are pretty great!

We spent the next morning exploring our campground area. It was so nice that they could go climbing and running right behind where we set up.

Look at the gorgeous scene right behind our campsite! The kids loved grabbing sticks and heading out back to play!

We also took them to play mini-golf which was really fun. Ben and Ellie both really loved it - but Maddie wasn't quite as enthusiastic. (Pretty sure we won't be taking her anytime soon again! Hah!)  And in the afternoon we got some snacks and headed to the lake to play. It wasn't super warm, but all the kids went fully into the water, which they thought was the best. That night we had hot dogs for dinner and s'mores for dessert. And then met some little friends in town for ice cream.

These two were giving me major anxiety as they were pretending to be mermaids all afternoon. Neither one of these girlies can swim, but don't tell them that! (eeep!)

The next morning we spent some time relaxing and playing by our campsite before we packed up and headed home.

Also, this is what happens when you run out of long pants and want to keep your babe warm. Hah!

Lucky Charms breakfast are one of the treats of camping. Pretty sure they thought I was the coolest after we gave this to them in the morning!

It was a short but sweet time away. We're all still talking about it and how we cant wait to do another camping trip next year!

Stay tuned for another camping post about all the little details like what we brought and used on our trip - and some tips I found useful when packing!

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