Saturday 7 October 2017


Since the first time I took the girls apple picking they have been asking to visit the little farm again.

We picked a school day to drive out to avoid the crowds and spend the days outside. (We live in a very wet fall/winter climate, so when I spot a good day, I"m more than happy to make the most of it!)

We were all ready to go but when we got there I realized I had forgotten my memory card for my camera. (Aaaaaah, seriously I'm so annoyed when I forget something silly like that!) So here's my small disclaimer, all the pictures from the trip were taken on my iphone.

I had to convince them that we were going to pick apples first, and then if they were being good we would get to visit the animals and get an apple slushee treat. They were veeeery patient while we picked 20 lbs of apples. (Last time we only got a 10 lb bag and it was gone in no time! I had been planning on baking with them but they disappeared so quickly!)

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This time round we picked Fuji and Gala apples which were really sweet. I'd have to say my favorites are still honeycrisps which are always ready at the beginning of the season!

And we were so excited and surprised to end up right by a pumpkin patch! We didnt end up picking any pumpkins that day, but they liked looking around and touching them.

After picking our apples, we stopped by their favorite animals which included goats and bunnies. And then had a quick sweet treat (really, their apple slushies are so so yummy! We couldnt get enough, and amazingly, there's no sugar added!)

The perfect way to end our apple adventures!

Oh, and a few tips I'd suggest if you're going apple picking...

  • Wear boots! We were super lucky and the weather has been amazing! But you're walking through lots of grass, apples that have fallen from trees, and dry/wet mud. So boots are always my number one choice for footwear. 
  • Bring a stroller if you're little ones are still using one. Although the kids didnt sit in it, we used it to hold all the apples we picked. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'd be holding two 10 lb bags of apples as we walked through the farm. Not fun for the adult!
  • Bring a change of clothes. Ellie both times fell and got her outfit really really dirty and we ended up changing during the visit. You can always leave it in the car too and change when you get back to the car as well.

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