Tuesday 24 October 2017


I can't believe that we are already halfway thorough October. I feel like once fall hit, the month just flew by so quickly!

We had Canadian Thanksgiving 2 weeks ago, and now the kids are all excited for Halloween. I mean, dressing up and running around to get candy is riiiiight up their alley. Hah!

This year we are still undecided on costumes. But I have a few fairly budget-friendly costume ideas to share. For little ones, buying costumes with wings and building a costume around that is probably one of the most inexpensive ways to make a costume. I was in our local dollar store the other day and found some adorable bumblee bee and ladybug wings. I thought that would be such an adorable idea for the girls. I grabbed them and searched our home for other items to complete the look. I love what we came up with!


For the bumble bee costume, I found a yellow tutu dress we have in our home. (We got this from old navy over the summer for less than $20) A black dress would work well too! I paired it with black knee socks (tights would be perfect too!)


For the ladybug costume, we used a simple red dress. We added black socks (black tights would be adorable as well!) and that was it!


For our fairies costume, we just used a simple dress and added wings from the dollar store! So easy and cute.

A few other cute costume ideas:

Pirate (A few years ago we got a pirate hat and sword from the party section at Target which ended up being less than $5! All black, stripes, a red shirt or a belt would be wonderful additions to a pirate costume!)


All you need is a dress and a crown! We have lots of princess dresses at our home so throwing one of those on would be pretty easy as well!

The things about these simple costumes is that you are able to re-use these costumes throughout the year. And you dont have to spend a fortune - just re-purpose what you already have at home! My kids love having these little pieces in their closet for pretend play.

Hope this gives you a few ideas for your Halloween costumes in your home!

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