Monday 16 April 2018


My kids and I love doing simple projects (and by that, I mean really simple!) and I wanted to share this really fun spring inspired one we did last week.

I wanted originally to find a diy project where I could use some of the cute animals I had purchased for Maddie's birthday party cake here. I loved how whimsical and sweet they were, and thought it would be so cute to display them somewhere in the house.

The project was very easy (once I had gathered everything) and the girls loved building their own special terrariums.

Here's what you'll need to to complete this adorable project...


Glass bowl (I got mine from the dollar store!)
Animal figurines and tiny houses - really anything to create a simple little forest scene. (I got all mine from Michaels)

When we were getting ready for the craft, I put all the items in different white bowls for the girls to grab. I gave them each a plastic tray for their creations to help catch bits of sand and moss that may have fallen down. (It saves a bit on the clean up!) Although I do have to admit I had to break out my vacuum after this project was over - and thought juuuust as we started how it would definitely be better doing it outside. You live and learn!

They loved being creative and making a little scene for their animals. A perfect little craft for a rainy spring afternoon!

Happy crafting friends! xoxo

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  1. How fun and oh so darling! Thanks for the simple idea!


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