Sunday 8 April 2018


This Spring break I took a trip to Vancouver Island with my children and my parents. Sadly, Josh wasn't able to join us as it's his busy season at work. Although we missed him alot, it was so nice to get away and spend some time outside.

We took the ferry to Victoria and then drove an hour to Sooke. I've never been there before so this was a first time experience for us all. And it was really amazing! It was such a great place to bring the kids. We spent most of each day outside soaking up all the amazing sights. They absolutely loved being outdoors and being able to run free. And we were blessed with the best weather! Only one day of sprinkling for an hour or so. Yipee!

We stayed in a time share my parents booked and it was so perfect! We've been more mindful when booking accommodations away home these days to better suit our family. Hotel rooms are still ok when we don't have any options. But if we can, we've been trying to book someplace with at least one bedroom, a kitchen and laundry. This makes it so much easier to travel with our children. And at the end of the day when they are sleeping we can relax, talk or watch tv. Evenings are just that much better!

Here's a few places we visited on our trip. All were really kid friendly in case you were wondering.


Our first day we went to see my cousins who were staying at this beautiful property. We sent some time on the grounds and took a walk along Whiffen Spit Beach which was so beautiful! The kids loved walking along the water, finding sticks and rocks, and petting ALL the dogs we saw. (Disclaimer - there were alot!!!)


Our second day we took a drive out to Sombrio Beach. The beach was an amazing find - it was a great spot for surfing and we had such a fun time walking along the rocky beach. And it was a veeery rocky beach!

The best part of the day was when we adventured to a hidden waterfall about 20 min off the main beach area. We were with our cousins who told us about this little gem and we were SO happy we made the extra trek to see it in person. It was definitely a tricky spot to get to as there's a bit of a climb along the rocks before you actually get to it. We took turns carrying Ellie and passing her back and forth as we got closer and closer to the base of the waterfall. But when we finally arrived all in one piece it was amazing. Everyone was in awe of how beautiful it was. (Including all the kids!)


We spent half a day doing a hike to the Sooke Potholes. I was so surprised how far Ellie could walk when we were doing a fun and adventurous hike. The potholes are located at the bank of the Sooke River where natural potholes have formed naturally. We saw so many pretty potholes that would have been amazing for swimming. And taking a hike right along the river was so much fun. The river was amazing - so still and calm in some areas, and fiercely wild along some small waterfalls.


China beach was such a great little spot! It was still rocky, but had lot so sand which was fun for running around and digging. The kids loved the little hike down to the beach and had the best time looking for rocks and running from the waves.


We spent a few days in Victoria walking and exploring a few different areas around the city. There are so many beautiful spots and such wonderful history in the city.


We only stopped in for a little bit (because little kids couldn't hold their attention for that long!) but it is so beautiful in the building! The glass stained windows were amazing! And we got to peek into alot of rooms which was really fun. The girls thought it looked like a castle!

But you can go in and spend so much time there - lots to read and look at!

We also went on a horse and carriage ride around the downtown area. It was so much fun and such a fun experience.


One of the best days was stopping in at the beach at the end of Beacon Hill Park. We got to see the tide come in and we spent the afternoon spotting and collecting crabs! (Don't worry, we let them all go - it was just fun catching them and making a home for them in our buckets) This was wildly entertaining for all the kids. There was so much sea life in the pockets of water from the tide rising. So fun!


Victoria has one of the oldest Chinatown's in North America! The buildings are so well maintained and it has a real mix of old and new.

We stopped in for a quick dinner one night which was pretty good. And we also had the most delicious macaroons and passion fruit cheesecake at a little bakery called La Roux. It was so sweet in there and the treats were SO yummy!


We stopped in one morning at the Children's Petting Zoo where we got to see baby goats! They were seriously so soft and so adorable! We saw some mamas too that were ready to pop! So much fun petting and combing the little goats.


Our last afternoon we went to visit Fisherman's wharf. It was the cutest little village - so many tiny houseboats, fish n chips and even a sea otter! The kids were totally in awe of the little sea otter who I'm sure lives there, getting fed by visitors. It was so amazing to see a wild one so close up. We got the yummiest fish tacos and clam chowder there - pretty much a perfect little afternoon.

A few super yummy restaurants we visited that I would recommend...

Italian Food Imports (they had the yummiest sandwiches! So good!)
The Cookie Guy (We got white chocolate ship, chocolate chip and easter egg cookies!)
Bubby's Kitchen
La Roux (We loved the macaroons and passion fruit cheesecake!)
Roost Vineyard Bistro and Bakery (We tried brunch and it was so yummy! Plus, chickens are running around all over the property!)

If you're thinking of doing a trip to Vancouver Island, I definitely recommend it! Hope this post helps!

Hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break also!

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