Friday 20 April 2018


Earlier this week I took the kids to our local Tulip Festival. It was our first time going and it truly did not disappoint.

We went during their low bloom season - where the tulips are not all in full bloom. But with our tricky westcoast weather, we took advantage on a day where Ben didn't have school and the forecast was clear skies.

The kids loved looking at the flowers and wandering around the grounds. The puddles may have been their favorite part! The farm we went to had a huge tractor and a small playground to entertain the little ones. (And a swing with a wooden bench, placed a picture perfect spot!) There were rows and rows of beautiful tulips and daffodils - SO amazing!

A few tips for any friends who may be thinking about checking out a flower farm - bring your rubber boots! Especially here on the westcoast where we experience alot of rain - I'd recommend airing on the side of caution. It can definitely get muddy and dirty exploring the fields.

Bring an extra pair of clothes too! All the kids ended up changing in the car after we were finished. And I'm so happy I brought a full change because we needed it!

If you get a chance, definitely go and check out your local tulip farm or festival!

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