Monday 5 October 2020


One of the things I love to do in the fall is visit the pumpkin patch. We picked an amazing sunny day, finished our school work early and headed out to our local farm. 

I love trying to go early in the season becuase it means you get the best pick of pumpkins (of all sizes!) and you dont have to fight with the crowds. 

We got to the pumpin patch, but I realized quickly enough that Annie wanted me to hold her, and it would be impossible to carry her while trying to load pumpkins into my stroller. Haha. It's definitely a two person job when you've got your kids. 

So we picked a tiny little one that Ellie could carry, and explored the farm the rest of the time. I convinced the girls we needed to pick out tiny pumpkins for our Thanksgiving table and they loved helping me out. 

Such a fun and sweet day!

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